Hen Nights - Explore some of the key attractions of Brighton

Are you in search of one of the most popular destinations for celebrating hen nights? Brighton is one of them. It has a range of hotels that not only provide top class accommodation and meals but also make arrangements for fun events. This article focuses on some of the key attractions of hen nights in Brighton.

Lessons on Pole dancing

Pole dancing is a typical girlie dance that can become a good source of giggles and entertainment for you and other girls at your hen night. Brighton is a place that is known for pole dancing lessons. These lessons include learning to move in a classic girlie style known as ‘bump and grind’. It also includes learning the way to nipple tassel. Only go for reputed dance professionals. Unlike local dance teachers, they concentrate on fun and entertainment rather than on nudity and striptease.

Trip to famous Brighton pier

Brighton hen night celebration is incomplete without a fun trip to famous Brighton Pier. This pier is well known for its breathtaking roller coaster rides. Fun Water Mountains are famous for their scary yet thrilling and fun filled experiences. There are dance stages where you can enjoy dancing with other girls. Ice cream parlors at Brighton pier are full of exciting flavors. So, be ready for a sweet delightful fun time at the Pier of Brighton.

Visit to Brighton Marina

Brighton hen nights are also popular for their Marina. Brighton Marina offers much more than just a place to park your boats. This is a well organized party junction with delicious range of restaurants and cafes. Classy bars and exclusive showrooms contribute their share in making this place lively and energetic. This place offers an exclusive fun package for all you girls out there who are ready for a hen party Brighton Marina.

With so much to explore, Brighton hen nights have something or the other to suit everybody’s fun statement.


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